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Are you ready for a change in your life? is an online travel store that helps to create your own travel experience so that you can make a change in your life today.

After a few trips, vacations and weekend getaways, we would return to our “normal” lives back home in Chicago, working 8+ hour days, same thing day in and day out. We were ready for a change and to help you change as well.

We combined our love for traveling and created the travel store for the 9-5’ers, backpackers, professional travelers, dreamers and everyone in between.

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The Plentiful Travel Experience

At Plentiful Travel, we aim to connect travel experiences and products for any traveler. Whether you are looking to be entertained, swim in the blue oceans or to capture your own experience, we will show you how to do it.

JOIN THE TRAVEL LIFESTYLE here at Plentiful Travel and learn how to:

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How to make money traveling

Due to the nature of our lifestyle….traveling that is; we need a few things in order to travel.  Income and flexibility would be the two main ones.  You see all these people online traveling the world and you wonder “how on earth are they doing this”.  We have learned from some of the best and want to share that with you.

The thing that makes us a little bit unique compared to the other travelers, bloggers, and influencers out there, is that we are not giving up our entire life to travel.  We still hold full-time jobs, save for retirement and a future home purchase, hope to have kids someday, etc. Just like you are probably thinking “I cannot just quit my job and do this”, we are as well.  We found a way to meet in the middle through the career paths that we have chosen.  We travel probably 2 months of the year combined, save $20-30k a year and still have our normal lives and responsible’s.

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Top Travel Products

Because we travel so much and are quite invested in the travel community, we have seen, used and tested many of the top travel products out there. When we find a top travel product that we just love, we add it to our growing collection that we encourage you to enjoy.

NOTE: There are NO transactions that take place on Plentiful Travel.  We merely provide the recommendations, but any travel product that you wish to purchase, you will be sent to to complete your purchase safe and securely through Amazon’s terms and conditions.  Even better, if you are a Prime Member (I mean who isn’t?), you will be able to get FREE 2-day shipping on select Prime products.

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Amazing travel videos

As mentioned above, this all started by making vacation videos and travel videos (check out our YouTube page).  We’re going to continue to make these videos of our travels to hopefully encourage you and yours to live life to the fullest.  We only get one shot at it, so do not settle.  Again, we’re not just going to give up everything to travel the world for a year or two.  We’re probably just like you.  Starting or building a family.  Saving and creating wealth for emergencies, retirement, etc.  We are doing just that, but that should not stop you.

We will show you how to plan properly, use industry secrets to getting the best deals, find additional sources of income to be able to travel and many other insights so that you can begin to experience everything the world has to offer.  All of this is centered around creating a lifestyle that allows for flexibility, long-term planning, and stability but creating experiences that you can hold on to for the rest of your life.

How to make amazing travel videos and vacation videos

If you check out some of our earlier videos, you can see how much we have grown in terms of quality. I saw a couple of very cool vacation videos that other people had posted to YouTube and thought to myself “how cool is that”.  It’s not just picture’s any more to hold for memories, but videos.  Video recorders have become smaller and more affordable over the years.  I purchased a GoPro Hero back in 2015 for a trip we were taking to the Caribbean so I can get some underwater footage.  We got some great shots and video, but this was just the beginning.

From there, I got a better GoPro (GoPro Hero Silver) back in 2016, and now the GoPro Hero 5, all the accessories, moved into DJI Phantom’s, DJI Mavic and even the DJI Googles and DJI Spark.  I then invested into a higher end DSLR (Sony A6000).  Check out our travel store for all the latest and greatest travel products.

I soon was making some amazing vacation videos and travel videos.  My family and friends can follow along with us through our travels and we share these vacation videos with the travel community in hopes that they can do the same.  When we look back in 5 years, 10 years, 20+ years…not only do we have a better memory of our lives, but so will our children, grandchildren and the rest of our family and friends.

Let us show you how to buy your first photo or video camera, how to get quality footage and then how to build your video and share it with the world.

Vacation ideas and travel tips

Here at Plentiful Travel, other than being a travel store, we are also documenting all our travels in hopes that someday, Plentiful Travel is your one-stop community to find the latest top travel products, top destinations, tips, tricks, reviews and everything else to make any of your vacations more memorable.

we are not just a travel store, but also a community.  We’re taking submissions from fellow travelers to add to our always expanding database of reviews, itineraries, and tips for anyone to enjoy.

If you have a recent trip that you went one, visit our travel experience submission page to submit your experience with us that we will share with the community.

How to make money online

I’m sure you see all kinds of gimmicks online about “How to make money from home” or “Build your own online store” so that you can be able to have the freedom and flexibility to have the lifestyle you always dreamed of.  I will say, this always sounded so appealing to me…who wouldn’t want that.  But is that really something that I can do?  That you can do?  I didn’t think so.  Too good to be true.  However, I thought to myself…”if I do not try it, I will regret it”.

Disclaimer: I work in the digital space, and have for the past 8+ years so I have a bit of an insight on how things work, what’s possible, etc.  But that is where I want to share my experiences that I have picked up through my career as well as all of the research, hours of watching online videos about “making money online” that I have done.

I have started my journey to freedom to creating additional revenue streams that all have extremely low risk and enormous possibilities for return such as this travel store, other online stores, and communities.  All depending on the time that you can put into something, remaining consistent and dedicated and having the proper support to grow it.  That is what Plentiful Travel is for.

Have a travel experience that you would like to share?

We are actively seeking the below experiences.  If you have any travel destinations ideas, itineraries, reviews or videos that you can to share with us, please submit that to us and we will feature it on our site and share with the travel community!