Organic Squalene

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  • PURE ORGANIC SQUALANE OIL - This 2 Fl. Oz bottle contains pure, plant derived Squalane oil that is 100% organic, natural and completely undiluted.
  • MADE IN THE USA - MOST companies source from overseas to make it cheaper compromising the quality of the oil.
  • SMOOTHER SKIN THE NATURAL WAY - Apply the hydrating Squalane oil daily to restore your skin's elasticity and diminish all signs of aging.
  • HAVE THE HAIR OF YOUR DREAMS - Our Squalane oil will repair and strengthen your damaged hair, and help it become soft and shiny.
  • FAIR TRADE & 100% ORGANIC - Mix our USA Made natural face moisturizer with your creams, serums and cosmetics for more hydrated skin.

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Experience The Amazing Benefits Of Cruelty Free 100% Fair Trade & Organic Squalane Oil Made in The USA!

Kantora has created the Joyous natural face moisturizer using pure, plant derived Squalane oil - nothing more, nothing less.

Squalane oil is well known for its deeply hydrating action and anti-aging properties, and it can be applied both on the skin and the hair.

Rich in omega fatty acids, this lightweight oil hydrates your skin as it promotes firmness and elasticity while reducing inflammation and neutralizing free radicals. With regular use, the Squalane oil moisturizer will benefit your skin and hair in many different ways and the result will be visible.

Why Apply Squalane Oil On Your Face And Body?

Squalane oil is a great natural facial moisturizer for the skin of our face and body, thanks to its nourishing and moisturizing elements.

First of all, this Squalane oil will hydrate your skin and help it recover from the damage caused by the sun and the air pollution, so it will have a healthy glow.

At the same time, our moisturizing Squalane oil will help restore your skin's elasticity, so that your complexion will look more even and more youthful.

Why Apply Squalane Oil On Your Hair?

Do have damaged hair? Do hair conditioners fail to hydrate your dry, rough hair, and reduce your split ends?

Then Squalane olive oil is a natural remedy for your hair, since it will restore their health and make them shiny, super soft and stronger.

Get This Multipurpose Organic Beauty Product Today!

Joyous Squalane oil can do anything -hydrate the skin and hair, work as a makeup primer, enrich your creams and lotions, improve the texture of your cosmetics.

So get a 2 Fl. Oz bottle and use our premium Squalane oil on its own or mixed with your favorite skincare, cosmetic and hair products!

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Organic Squalene