Redi-edge Tactical Pro Knife Sharpener Retac201-30

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The Redi-Edge Tactical Pro Knife Sharpeners were designed after the US Army Rangers requested a small, easy-to-use, go anywhere knife sharpener. The Tactical Pro Knife Sharpeners are field proven and tactical tough; they can be found on military installations around the world. The sharpeners are produced from military-grade aluminum to provide lightweight, long-lasting durability. Available in 30, 40, or 60 degree angle; the 30 degree angle is best suited for filet or boning knives, the 40 degree angle is suited for most other knives, and the 60 degree angle is used for tactical knives. Each sharpener features Duromite sharpening elements that are set at 30, 40, or 60 degree inclusive angles. This gives your knife blades a consistent 15, 20, or 30 degree double edge. The Tactical Pro Sharpeners all have Ceramitized coating to protect them in harsh conditions on all your adventures. The back of the sharpeners acts as a honing surface you can use to finish the edge on your knives. A convenient v-groove on the bottom edge can sharpen fishing hooks or sewing needles. The thumb insert ensures that the sharpener is easy to grip and keep steady, while the lanyard hole allows you to place it on a keychain for convenient access. The Redi-Edge Tactical Pro Knife Sharpener is a tough tool that supports a range of sharpening applications and is conveniently portable.

Features Duromite sharpening elements set at a 30 degree angle; gives knives a consistent 15 degree double edge

Crafted from military-grade aluminum to produce lightweight, long-lasting durability; Ceramitized corrosion-resistant finish

User friendly; the thumb insert makes it easy to hold and maintain a strong grip while sharpening your knives

The back of the sharpener serves as a honing surface; equipped with a v-groove for sharpening fishing hooks and sewing needles

Made in the USA; proudly backed by a lifetime limited warranty; portable and compact, has a lanyard hole

Warranty : 1 Year Warranty

Redi-edge Tactical Pro Knife Sharpener Retac201-30