Organic Activated Charcoal Capsules

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  • ✔ ***BEST VALUE!!!*** 210 capsules! ORGANIC COCONUT ACTIVATED CHARCOAL in non-GMO CAPSULES. TEETH WHITENING with CERTIFIED ALL NATURAL FOOD GRADE VEGAN, GLUTEN FREE Charcoal - natural solution for a healthy mouth, made exclusively from organic coconut shells, an all-natural & renewable source. Vegetarian. Magnesium stearate free.
  • ✔ 100% PURE , STEAM ACTIVATED, ORGANIC COCONUT CHARCOAL, ACTIVATED CARBON at its FINEST - FEEL THE DIFFERENCE - our finely milled activated charcoal powder features much better adsorption than bamboo alternatives. For topical & internal use. Whether you're looking for capsules, a must have travel accessory, or tablet or pills, these convenient, durable, toxin-free capsules will be your favorite to carry with you, just in case they are needed.
  • ✔ IDEAL FOR DETOXIFICATION & CLEANSING - one of the most versatile beauty products for face is also valued for maintaining healthy digestion, for use w/stomach aches and supporting colon and candida cleanse. Our Organic Food Grade Charcoal is also ideal for dogs and other pets.
  • ✔ FREE BONUS eBOOK Guide with Benefits, Tips, Uses. UNIVERSAL NATURAL REMEDY for gas, excellent for bug bites, itch relief, burns, accidental poisonings, teeth cleaning & whitening, stain removal, skin rejuvenation w/masks, creams, & poultices. It also beautifies hair and is used for armpit detox and armpit lightening.
  • ✔ VIRGIN COCONUT ACTIVATED CHARCOAL (from organic coconut shells) ENCAPSULATED and CUSTOM PACKAGED IN A JAR - for easier & cleaner handling. 30-day MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE if not fully satisfied.

Publisher: Schizandu Organics


"NO MESS" SOLUTION for GAS and BLOATING: Help eliminate indigestion, bloating, pain and irritation from gas, food poisoning, stomach ailments, and help prevent hangovers. Take 2-4 capsules with at least 8 oz of water. 

IDEAL FOR: teeth whitening, detoxification, supporting colon, candida, and digestive issues. Our food grade powder in non-GMO, vegan capsules and NO fillers is more finely milled than most for better adsorption.

ORAL CARE and TEETH STAIN-REMOVAL: Keep your mouth and teeth healthy, clean, and stain-free; rinse with it mixed in water and brush with it mixed with your toothpaste or by dipping your toothbrush in some 1-3 capsules of powder. 

DIGESTION: Help eliminate indigestion, bloating, pain and irritation from gas, food poisoning, stomach ailments, and help prevent hangovers. Take 2-4 capsules.

SKIN REJUVENATION: Mix the contents of 2-3 capsules with honey and RAW apple cider vinegar, or rose water, aloe vera gel (and pure oil, if desired). Use as a mask for your skin, hair. It is ideal for helping with eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, hives, rashes, itching, etc. 

POULTICE: Use our charcoal powder to soothe burns, bug bites, and wounds. Mix it with some ground flax seeds and water. Apply to the affected area.

POISONING: If you or your child has accidentally overdosed, take 2-4 capsules to help eliminate what was swallowed. Seek medical care. 


At Schizandu Organics, bringing you the highest quality, 100% pure, truly natural products is our top priority. If we can't source the purest ingredients, we will not make the product. 


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Organic Activated Charcoal Capsules