Premium Vacuum Storage Bags - 8 Pack

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Brand: SUOCO

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  • 4 x JUMBO & LARGE SIZE,REUSABLE:The compression bags (4 x large & jumbo) fit all size items for storing duvet,comforters,clothes,blankets,pillows,plush toys,and more.The vacuum pack bags can be reused for many times and last for several years.
  • SAVE STORAGE SPACE:8 pack variety storage bags meet your various storage needs for 80% space saver.Works with any vacuum cleaner,the FREE travel pump is available for convenience wherever you are at home or go out for a trip.
  • AIRTIGHT BAGS NEVER LEAK:Add 15% more raw material than similar products.Better sealing performance. Our unique space saving bags feature asymmetric double-zip and the triple-seal turbo valve seal leak-proof technology to get the every ounce of AIR OUT and NOTHING BACK IN.
  • NO MOLD,MILDEW OR BACTERIA:Anti-microbial materials mean you won't have to worry about the long-term effects of storage in an air-tight bag. Squeeze every bit of air out of the bag in the process of air extraction.Say goodbye to mildew,bacteria,insect,dampness.
  • REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE:If your bag doesn't hold or seal, contact us for a 100% free REPLACEMENT or REFUND!! You take NO RISK by ordering today!

Publisher: SUOCO

Warranty: If your bag doesn't hold or seal, contact us for a 100% free replacement or refund!

Details: Convenience and utility:
To ensure better sealing performance, please slide the zipper across the bag 2-3 times and use your hand to press the sealing line. After, vaccum out the air, then tighten the cap and make sure the rubber stopper is fitted.
When you need the article of clothing, just open the bag and release the air. Everything that was placed inside, stays nice and wrinkle free also kept away from dust or any dirt; when not being used, it's a great way to even store anyplace inside the home.

Premium exclusive technology:
Using exclusive zipper,high-quality asymmetric double-zip seal leak-proof technology. Add 15% more raw material than similar products.Better sealing performance,tensile life increased by 2 times.The triple-seal turbo valve designed to get nothing reflux.

1. DO NOT store the bag near sharp objects.
2. Do not put any items with sharp object in bag.
3. There is a stop line on each our bag. Try not to let the item exceed this line which may affect the seal.
4. If the air leaks in after 24-48 hours, you need to check again whether the seal is good (Is there any hair or sundries in zipper).
5. If the air leaks in within 2 hours,that's a product defective and contact us for a full refund.

Each our vacuum storage bags has instructions and warning note for more convenient to you!
It's very important.Operate according to the above process,and we guarantee none of it seeps back in.

4 x Jumbo Bags(30" x 40"), 4 x Large Bags(24" x 32"),

Package Included:
Vacuum Storage Bags * 8
Travel Hand-Pump*1

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Package Dimensions: 12.6 x 8.7 x 2.8 inches

Premium Vacuum Storage Bags - 8 Pack