4 Affects Coronavirus will have on Travel

4 Affects Coronavirus will have on Travel

As the world we know continues to change and evolve right before our eyes, experts are slowly gaining more insight into what we can expect in terms of resumed travel, when lockdowns are lifted.

Here are four ways travel will be impacted and how to safely prepare for the new way of traveling: 


Whether you are more eager than ever OR more hesitant than ever to travel, you’re likely going to see insane deals on flights, cruises, hotels, and Airbnb stays, as well as low-cost excursions and tours. The goal is going to be to make the deals so good, you just can’t pass them up, especially coupled with the added reassurances of new sanitation and safety COVID19 measures in place across the board.

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Gone are the days of opening Uber door handles or pushing elevator buttons without care to immediately sanitize your hands. You will see industries across the board adopt new measures of sanitation and cleanliness. When it comes to air travel, you’re likely to see innovative protocols from checking in at the airport to going through security, to grabbing a quick coffee or snack before boarding. Airlines and staff will make known the cleaning measures being taken to sanitize the seats and bathrooms.

And while that is all comforting, we would still caution to have handy your own slew of sanitation products for before, during, and after flight time.


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One inevitable change to air travel that we are not used to but are going to need to deal with for some time, is having fewer flight options. It will likely take some time for airlines to reopen all previous flight times and route options. Consequently, this will affect the travel time it takes to get to many destinations. You may see more layovers and longer layovers for flights without a direct path to your final destination.

One way to prepare for these longer-than-usual flight times is to make sure you and your party are comfortable and entertained.

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It’s no secret that hotels and vacation rentals will be upping their game as it comes to cleaning standards. There are tons of reports circulating the same information about new procedures and policies to abide by for the comfort and safety of travelers.

However, there are still things travelers can do to further reduce risk of contamination. For those of you who don’t want to take any chances, you might want to consider bringing compact bedsheets to sleep on, your own personal supply of toiletries. Disinfectant wipes for high touch point items like remotes, arm rests, door handles and toilet seats.

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