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Top Travel Products 2017 – If you are planning a vacation or getaway in the near future, you probably are getting excited as the vacation date gets closer.  If you’re anything like us, you’ll plan for weeks, maybe even months for your trip.  Things to do, how to get around, what to watch out for as well as what to pack.  While each person is going to have their own look in terms of what to wear, we have a few travel product recommendations for making your travel more enjoyable and efficient.  Here are 10 top travel products that you should take on any trip that you are going on.  Let’s get into the top travel products.

1. Portable lightweight Travel Backpack

Starting out our top travel products is this Outlander collapsable Lightweight Travel Backpack which is perfect for walking around during the day while touring or on excursions.  The portable travel backpack folds up into a pouch that is the size of your hand yet opens up into a normal size backpack.  It is very lightweight and great for your everyday travel, and extremely inexpensive.  We purchased ours almost 2 years ago, and when you get it, you might think it’s cheap, but its lasted through many, many trips.  When we’re on vacation, we literally take these with us no matter where we go as it stores all of my equipment, beach towel, change of clothes and anything else that I might need for the day.  If I needed to buy a new one every trip, I would, but you will not need to as it’s lasted going on 2 years.

2. GoPro Video Camera

I think this one is self-explanatory.  These days where your travels are able to be shared with the world, you want to be able to have a camera that you can take anywhere.  The GoPro Hero series by GoPro is the perfect action camera to take with you.  This travel product is probably on everyone’s list.  Its compact, high quality and waterproof.  Now you can easily upload photos and videos from your GoPro directly to your cell phone using the GoPro Capture app, thus making it easy to share your journey with family and friends.  If you’re not one to share all over social media, we got our first GoPro just to be able to capture our trip for the memories down the road.  We all take pictures, but having high-quality video has become easier than ever.

3. Portable Power Bank

This next travel product recommendation is a backup power bank.  If you are using your phone to take pictures on the go, listen to music or using apps, you are going to find yourself in the need of power fairly quickly.  This portable changing station is great to charge your mobile phones, tablets or other media devices like GoPro’s or cameras.  The last thing you want is to be out of power when trying to capture some memories.  I have a battery case for my iPhone that gets me about 1 and 1/2 full charges.  When in places that the connection is not as strong and your phone is using a lot of power, this additional power bank will give you another 6-8 full charges.  I know that seems excessive, but even if it’s not for your phone, you can charge your iPad, backup batteries or any other small electronics that you might have. Definitely, belongs on our top travel products list.

4. Travel Water Bottle

You are going to be on the move during your trip, so you will want to make sure you have something to stay hydrated with.  This collapsible water bottle makes it easy to pack and take with you on the go. It is reusable and extremely easy to clean.  Whether you are filling it with water for a day out in the sun or your favorite drink while enjoying the day, do not forget to pack your water bottle.

5. Multi-plug Wall Charger

Next of our top travel products is one that has come in extremely handy.  Making sure that you are always charged and ready for the day will be an important piece in capturing memories during your travels. This multi-plug wall charger is perfect for charging multiple devices as it comes with 3 AC outlets and 2 USB outlets.  Yes, most hotel rooms have plenty of outlets for any “normal” traveler.  However, Let’s say you have 5-6 devices that you want to change overnight, you’re going to have devices and batteries charging all around the room, thus making it easy to forget one when you are scrambling for checkout.  Having a multi-plug wall charger will allow for you to plug all of your devices into one centralized area.

6. Luggage Space Saver Storage Bags

This travel product makes packing a lot easier.  I felt like I could ever fit enough in my suitcase when I was packing for my adventures until I picked up these travel space saver bags.  They are multi-purpose so yes, they can be used for your home and storage. They come in many different sizes so you will never run out.  Once you put your clothes into one of these bags, you vacuum out the air and it makes it much more compact that you can fit more in your suitcase.  They come in perfect sizes for checked or carry-on luggage as well as a handy travel pump when a vacuum is not readily available.  We typically take 2 of them with us on our trips.  One for our normal, non-dirty clothes and the other for any wet or dirty clothes that we want to keep separate or keep from leaking into our luggage.

7. Travel Gear Organizer

You likely have at least 1-2 charging cables that you are taking with you on your travels.  This travel product makes it easy to store several cables and cords so that you can quickly find and use them when on the go.  For us, we have Apple charges, GoPro cables, camera cables, battery pack cables, portable hard-drive cables and everything in-between.  As you can imagine, we have a bit more than the average traveler. There are other cord/cable organizers out there that can fit anyone’s needs.

8. Digital Camera

iPhones and Samsung Galaxy’s take great photos, sure, but everyone should really invest in a high-quality digital camera.  What top travel products list would not have this on it?  A digital camera will get a lot of use not only on your vacation and travels but even at home and family life.  You will instantly see a difference in the quality of pictures and videos that you take.  You do not have to get a super high-end camera, but something better than your cell phone (especially when you run out of space on it) is really going to change the way you travel.

9. Luggage Scale

This digital luggage scale will help ensure that you are not overpacking before you leave the house or hotel, instead of when you get to the airport and you’re being asked to pay a lot of money because your suitcase is 1-2 LBS overweight.  We toss this in the front pouch of our suitcase and always check our luggage before we head out as $25-$50 is a lot of money all for the matter of a couple of pounds.

10. Memory Foam Travel Pillow

Wrapping up our top travel products is a travel pillow. Whether you are traveling by land, air or sea, being comfortable is always important. Having one of these neck pillows helps in bringing that comfort on those long rides or flights that you might take.  We use them also as a pillow when traveling as it’s extremely compact fitting into a small travel bag and has velcro making it easy to wrap around your bag or luggage.

Other Recommended Top Travel Products

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