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The Best Travel Backpack, REVIEWED!

I assume you’re reading this because you’re looking for a travel backpack for yourself or someone else. Seriously, look no further. This is the best travel backpack we have come across in the last few years. It’s high functioning, looks great and is gender neutral. It has a compartment for up to a 17” laptop/Macbook, can hold 2-3 sets of clothes and a dozen or more miscellaneous items you’d need for nearly any type of travel. It even has a USB charging port and headphone jack component for charging on the go.

As I mentioned above, I’ve had this backpack for nearly two years, it goes with me EVERYWHERE; has seen the light of day almost all of those days, yet it has not one mark of distress. It’s the perfect travel backpack for weekend trips, a work commute, school backpack, an overnight stay somewhere, a day trip to the beach, hiking, etc.

Oh and did I mention, it’s waterproof? This travel backpack is high quality, has large capacity, multi component for organization, fashionable, and waterproof. There is nothing else you would need!

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Pro Tip

For extra organization and efficiency, pair this travel backpack with this portable charging Power Bank. It can charge multiple devices at a time at high speed. Also, this MacBook Charger Winder makes life so much easier when transporting a MacBook, and takes up very little space in this backpack.

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