One of the top things to do in Jamaica is to check out the Dunn’s River Falls & Park excursion.  It is a pretty amazing sight to see.  It is a long water fall filled with large rocks and boulders that drains out into the ocean.

Our tour guide took us here, otherwise there are many excursions that you can pay to take you here, but I recommend making thing part of a tour with a private driver. Upon arrival, they inform you to take only what you plan on getting wet and it is required to wear water shoes (which I’m not sure if its required or just recommended, however DO wear these or you will regret it!).

We went early in the morning, so we beat any large crowds.  There is a $20 entrance fee for non-Jamaican residents.  You can also purchase a tour guide for an extra fee or go about it yourself.  My mom watched from the observation deck where you have a pretty good view of a good portion of the falls.  We left anything that we did not want to get wet with her, but if you do not have that luxury, you can rent a locker to put your stuff in.

Dunn's River Falls & Park

We got ahead of a good size group otherwise you will have to go at their pace and not your own.  It starts down by the ocean on a gorgeous beach (image at left).  From there you literally begin crawling up the rocks that the Earth has created.

We started out and instantly Lauren was ready to give up as its quite dangerous.  I ended up falling on my back 2 times by trying to go too fast and slipped on the slippery rocks.

After getting started a random “guide”, that we are not sure if he was affiliated with the park or just looking for some income, reached out to help us.  He ended up being with us the entire time, which we are very glad that he was as it proved to be more difficult that we had originally thought.

Making our way up through the falls, we went through large ponds and beautiful waterfalls.  My dad recently had knee replacement surgery, and has had neck, shoulder and a few back surgeries in his lifetime so we did not think he would go.  After about 5 minutes in, he showed up behind us.  He was able to complete the climb up the falls.  While sore the next day, he was very glad that he did and proves that the climb is something for many ages.  However, there is a lot of climbing and going as a group is highly recommended.  If you are going as a couple/pair, you might want to get a guide and/or join a larger group.

End of Dunn's River Falls Finished Dunn's River Falls Dunn's River Falls Waterfall at Dunn's River Dunn's River Falls Family Excusrion

Throughout the climb you are able to stop and take pictures while sitting in the water or making your trek up the rocks. At the end, you can gather your belongings and take some last minute pictures before heading back to the parking lot.  As you walk towards the exit, you will be greeted by several local vendors trying to sell you handmade articles of clothing, wood carvings and just some local artifacts.

Our Recommendation: The Dunn’s River Falls excursion was a great experience and once of those must see landmarks if you are visiting Jamaica.  If you have any questions or want more information, please let me know and I would be more than happy to answer anything that I can.

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Dunn’s River Falls Vacation Review


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