Essentials for All Your Summer Travels


Summer is here and the travel game is strong. It's never been more affordable, accessible, or easy to get gone!  Check out our top travel products to make your summer season getaways even more organized, efficient, and meaningful.

Fedora Hat 

This stylish lightweight, broad brimmed fedora will have you lookin' classy and ready for the beach or a chic day on the town. 

Electronics Travel Organizer 

This travel organizer will have you prepared for any tech situation during your travels. Phone charger, iPad, camera, batteries, memory cards, usb sticks, etc. Summer 2019 calls for this baby.

Macbook Side Winder  

Talk about efficient. The Side Winder allows you to wind, store, and protect your MacBook Charger in under 6 seconds without ever having to touch your cables. 

DJI Osmo Mobile 2 Handheld Gimbal 

Built to film on the go. Made for steady filming, this is amazing for story filming, vlogs and has Tracker technology.

Microfiber Beach Towel

This is clutch, friends. It repels sand AND water. So it gives you a much better dry effect and you don't get stuck with sand. Not to mention it compresses into it's cute travel case, the size of a book. Super easy to travel with and fit into a beach bag, backpack, etc.

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