Colorado River Vacation

DJI Phantom 3 Advanced Drone & GoPro Hero summer vacation video of boating and wake boarding on the Colorado River and Lake Mojave in Laughlin, Nevada and Bullhead City, Arizona.

The Drive:
This travel/vacation video is our vacation video shot on the Colorado River and Lake Mojave. We drove from the greater Los Angeles area which is about a 5-hour drive out to Laughlin, Nevada/Bullhead City, Arizona (route). The drive is quite long and once past Barstow there is not a lot of stops along the way for food, gas or restroom and the ones that are available can be quite packed. At least 1/2 of this drive is the same route that travelers will take to Las Vegas, Nevada. Cell phone coverage is also limited along the way.

The Lodging:
Once in the Laughlin/Bullhead City area, you will find that its a rather small gaming town with lots of casinos. We stayed at the Aquarius Resort, which at the time of booking a few months before our trip the room rates were $40/night. After Laughlin was featured on a travel show, it has seen a large increase in popularity, and the rooms were completely sold out when we tried to book an additional room the day before arrival.

Typically the Laughlin/Bullhead City area is on the quieter side, but it was quite the madhouse the weekend in August that we went there to get up the elevators meant waiting in 10+ minute lines. Overall the rooms were quite nice as well as the facilities. The staff was hit or miss from time to time as well.

Boat Launches:
We launched our boat on Saturday from the Princess Cove Launch up river a bit which at the time that we went, the line was about 50 vehicles/boats deep from the entrance of people waiting to get in which was unusual but somewhat expected for a beautiful Saturday in August. The cost for a 7-day pass is $20 per vehicle which is fairly priced. Once to the ramp, it was a fairly quick process to get the boat in and out. They also had a couple restrooms and places to empty trash.

On Sunday we launched from the Lake Mojave Marina which seemed to have more amenities for restrooms, food, etc. The process was much easier this day but it was a Sunday. We looked into renting Jet Ski’s, but they closed for the day at 2:30pm, but the price was $120 for a 2-hour rental for those wondering. When we brought the boat in for the day, we were greeted by some friendly donkey’s as you can see in the video which was a cool moment.

The Lake/River:
The water is absolutely amazing. It is very clean and refreshing. Even in the heaviest of traffic periods, it was still very easy to maneuver through the waters without any issues. The biggest task is finding a spot set up camp for the day. There are many little coves, beaches, etc on the lake and river, but the early bird gets the worm.

We got a late start on Saturday but managed to find a decent spot. On Sunday, we were one of the first ones out there and found a great space, however, a boater tried to come split it with us, which at the end of the day would not really have been a problem, but seeing as we were looking for something of our own on the family vacation taken once a year, we asked if we could keep it to ourselves, which did not please the man but he drove off leaving us the spot.

Our Recommendation:

Anyone interested in getting away for a few days for boating, gambling and just having a good time, this Colorado River vacation is a  must do if you are up for a drive. The closest major airport is Las Vegas (little over an hour drive). If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out and we would be happy to answer.

Happy travels!

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Colorado Vacation GoPro Video Review 


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*Shot with GoPro Hero, GoPro Hero 4 Silver and DJI Phantom 3 Advanced. For all vacation accessories and product details in this video:

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