Packing List for Easy Travel

Heading out? Heck yes! As you should! Traveling has never been easier than it is now. Nowadays, it seems like the most "difficult" thing to plan is how and what to pack for travel. 

If you're like us, we like to be organized when we travel. No more overpacking, losing things and paying fees for bigger or overweight bags. 2019 is all about efficiency and you can bet 2020 is going to be even more! But take it from me, efficient traveling and efficient packing are areas you'll be thankful you figured out.

Easy Travel Packing List

Check out these packing tips and necessities. Here are the simple things that make all the difference and leave their mark on your trip when it comes to organized travel. 

Travel Organizer

This multipurpose secure carrying case keeps all your phone, computer, camera accessories or makeup together in one place. Organized, secure, and compact.

LCD Luggage Scale

Never be the victim of a $50 overweight fee again! Traveling with a portable luggage scale will save you time and money every time you head to the airport.

MacBook Charger Side Winder

A nice-to-have for sure. Packing a macBook charger now makes sense! No more giant cord that comes unraveled and gets in the way. This gadget quickly became a favorite and you'll see why.

Packing Cubes

A travel packing must-have. These packing cubes are multipurpose in that you can organize by outfit, undergarments, accessories, toiletries and just about anything else you want to keep separate and secure.

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