Phantom Aquatics Snorkeling Set

Phantom Aquatics Snorkeling Set

Whether you are a frequent traveler or heading out on your yearly family vacation to the beach, you’ll want to make sure you pick up your own snorkeling set from Phantom Aquatics.

We travel somewhere where we snorkel probably twice a year where having your own snorkeling set comes in quite handy. After taking 2-3 catamaran’s and having to use the universal sets that they provide you (and everybody else), we decided that we didn’t want to share the same equipment as other people (even though the “clean” then in solution).

I researched all over the place for a good snorkeling set and I came across this set by Phantom Aquatics for around $45.00, sold and shipped on Amazon.  I purchased a blue pair for myself and a pink pair for my girlfriend.

We both highly recommend Phantom Aquatics snorkeling set for anyone looking to do some snorkeling.  They pack easily into a checked bag and even comes with a mesh bag to carry them around the beach and excursions.

Our Recommendation: The fit is great and its pretty good quality.  We have used them several times not without any issues, breaks, or major wear and tear.  Add this to your travel and beach collection today!

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