Swimming Pigs | Pig Beach, Exuma Bahamas

Swimming Pigs – Exuma, Bahamas

Swimming Pigs in Exuma Bahamas – The swimming pigs are one of the most popular things to do in not only the Bahamas but in all of the Caribbean. That is because the swimming pigs are clearly not native to Exuma, Bahamas, making them quite the tourist attraction.

While there are MANY things to do and see in the Bahamas, interacting with the swimming pigs should absolutely be on your bucket list. Pig Beach in Exuma, Bahamas is one of the coolest experiences. We booked a tour through Roberts Island Adventures, which ended up being one of the best tours we have taken on a vacation. The tour we were on had multiple stops and the swimming pigs were one of the later ones.

With that being said, in my mind, they had a lot to live up to; after cruising celebrity islands, petting iguanas on Nicholas Cage’s iguana infested beach, hanging out on a mile long sandbar and swimming with the nurse sharks at Compass Cay, the tour could not have gotten any better. Wrong. The swimming pigs take the cake on our interactive adventure.

The swimming pigs see the boats and they quickly putsy into the water and swim as close to you as they can get with hopes that you have food. We fed the swimming pigs crackers upon arrival as we got off the boat and headed to the sand. They mostly stayed in the water unless you bated them with food to follow you.

To our surprise, there were tons of baby piglets taking naps in the bushes to stay out of the sun. Some of them did not want to be held and squealed loud enough so that you knew it, but others were receptive and responded well to being held, which was very neat.

They are in the midst of repopulating as they had an unfortunate incident a year back or so when a few of the pigs were given alcohol and died as a result. It is said that tourists will likely not be able to visit the swimming pigs or interact with them in the future so take advantage of this experience now. And I must say, all the piglets that are running around are the cutest.

Disclaimer: they are pigs and they have an odor. And there are tons of poop, so you have to watch where you step, but lucky enough, the water is crystal clear so you can see with no problems.

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