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Top cruise products – If you are planning a cruise in the near future, you probably are getting excited to start planning, figuring out what to do and what to bring.  We have been on many cruises and have learned from each of them and with that, we want to help you in your cruise planning by offering some of our top cruise product recommendations. Below are some of the cruise products that we have found to come in handy and we are sure that they will make your upcoming cruise vacation much better as well.

1. Snorkeling Set by Phantom Aquatics


Leading our top cruise products list is a snorkeling set. Pretty much any destination you will go on a cruise, you are going to have the opportunity to do some snorkeling. No more sharing or renting used equipment, get your own snorkeling set by Phantom Aquatics today so that you can snorkel when and where you want.

2. Microfiber Beach Towel


Hands down the best beach towel that you will ever use. This is a very clutch cruise product even though there are always beach towels that are accessible to you. But this one is perfect for laying out on the ship or packing in your bag for a shore excursion. This towel is not only quick drying but it folders into a pouch that is about the size of your hand.  You will no longer have to take up half of your beach bag for just a towel.

3. Reusable Plastic Beverage Flasks


Reusable plastic beverage flasks come in several different sizes which make’s it perfect to pack your favorite drink to take along with you to the sun deck or shore excursion. A must-have of all our top cruise products. These beverage flasks, sometimes called “Rum Runners” are used by cruise ship passengers to smuggle their favorite alcohol in their checked luggage. While this does work like a charm, cruise ship companies will confiscate if they find it. For more info on how to get it on the ship, click here.

4. Joby New GorillaPod Hybrid Phone & Camera Tripod


Flexible legs allow this hybrid tripod to bend and wrap around many surfaces - leaving the need to ask strangers for pictures in the past. Get the perfect photo at any angle easily with the new hybrid tripod. It's great for cell phone photos or traditional and professional cameras.

5. Belkin Surge Protector Wall Mount 6-Outlet


Cruises just hands down do not have enough outlets for the 21st century! Prepare by getting this Belkin surge protector wall mount to charge all your essential devices. It's also makes for a convenient accessory for any home office, workstation, or entertainment center. Safely charge up to six devices without worry of electrical damage. In addition, it features two USB ports for charging tablets, smartphones, and other mobile devices.

6. Portable Lock Box Indoor/Outdoor Safe


This portable lock box, anti-theft bag, is designed for both indoors and outdoors. It's essentially a mini safe that is ideal for all types of travel on a cruise from the beach, pool, stateroom, hotel room, etc. With a TSA approved lock, it can easily travel in your luggage or backpack. Use it to store cash, phone, keys, wallets, medicine, credit cards, jewelry, and more.

7. Anker Dual-Charger Power Bank


You have your stateroom charging setup, but what about when you are out on the ship or on an excursion?  If you are using your phone to take pictures on the go, listen to music or use apps, you are going to find yourself in need of a power bank.  This dual-charger power bank is great to charge your phones, tablets, or other media devices like GoPro’s or cameras.  The last thing you want is to be out of power when trying to capture some memories. Truly one of the best!

8. CamKix Premium 3 in 1 Telescopic Pole


This tripod is great because it has functions with a fully adjustable elevation for GoPro, smartphone and compact camera. The CamKix 3 in 1 telescopic pole and tripod base, hand stabilizer grip kit features two high quality, combinable accessories to expand your photo and video shooting possibilities.

9. Packing Cubes Set Luggage Organizer & Travel Bags


Packing cubes, luggage organizers make the best possible use of valuable packing space, keeping your travel area finely organized and contained. No more wrinkled clothes! Pre-plan your outfits for added time-saving purposes and gain more room in your luggage. They are also waterproof and can be used off the ship to contain wet clothes or compact towel.

10. Money Belt RFID Blocking Waist Pack - Waterproof


Travel with the comfort of knowing your currency is safely concealed and attached to you. This money belt has enough room to store your money, credit cards, keys, passport, tickets etc. Includes two separate zippered compartments with inner mesh pocket for easy organization. Also can neatly keep smartphones concealed.

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